arrowTo develop talent and to facilitate the growth of Indian cinema in all languages through productions and co-productions, script development and need based workshops

arrowTo promote Indian culture through cinema in India and overseas

arrowTo build a lean and flexible organisation responsive to the needs of the Indian film industry.

arrowTo take over, run and manage such of those Cinemas that may be handed over to the Corporation by the Government of Bihar

arrowTo carry on the business of proprietors, managers, distributors, organizers, lessors, lessees, hirers, and exhibitors of theatres, cinemas, picture-palaces and concert-halls, and to provide for the production, representation, and performance whether by mechanical means or otherwise of operas, stage plays, ballets, spectacular pieces, and other concerts, and other musical and dramatic performances and entertainments and for such purposes to tenter into agreements with authors or other persons for the dramatic or other rights of operas, plays, films, operettas, ballets, pantomimes, spectacular pieces, musical compositions, and other dramatic and musical performances and entertainments, or for the representation thereof in India and elsewhere and to enter into engagements of all kinds with artists and other persons.

arrowTo produce motion pictures, T.V. Films and programs, plays on all subjects talking as well as silent cartoons, news topical, commercial and educational films and to carry on the business of producers, distributors, exhibitors, promoters of cinematographic films and Talkies of every description in all their branches and to do all things necessary and expedient in connections with these businesses.

arrowTo aid, counsel, assist, finance, to provide technical and financial assistance in connection with film production and running of cinemas and theatres, to provide guarantee for finance/promote the construction, running, maintenance, management of theatres, cinemas, concert halls, picture palaces, touring talking film production studies, laboratories, workshop, academy bureau, Mobile shooting and sound vans and to encourage local dialects, local artists and local shootings.

arrowTo manufacture, make, purchase, import or export, to take on hire or otherwise acquire and deal in films, cameras, projectors, sound recording and reproducing machines, phonographic other musical apparatus, instruments, accessories and gramophone records, undertaking, processing and developing of negatives, positive printing and all other kind of photochemical work, and to carry on the business of photograph artists, painters, designers, engravers, printers, films, books, music, songs, dramas of every description.

arrowo build, erect, construct, purchase, take on lease or hire, reform, alter, improve or otherwise acquire and maintain film production studios, laboratories, workshops and all other kinds of buildings and install necessary machinery and other equipment and conveniences for the purposes of the Company's trade.